Advertise with Power2Practice

Are you a company looking to market your products and services to the integrative/anti-aging industry?

Achieve high visibility among your key customers and prospects by purchasing cost-effective advertisements within Ageology’s Power2Practice, the industry’s first integrative medicine platform.

For any company – ranging from lab vendors to supplement companies and medical supplies distributors – looking to market their services to physicians and staff, Power2Practice is ideal for placing ads that broadcast the major advantages of working with you. Our software is designed for a specific, but very large, demographic.

For those same companies looking to attract a different target audience – patients – advertising your unique services within Power2Practice can open new windows of opportunity. Patients routinely use Power2Practice to update their medical history, request prescription refills, confirm appointments, and much more, meaning they see your customized message nearly every time they log in.

Whether you’re looking to reach physicians and their staff or patients – or both! – by advertising with Power2Practice, you establish yourself as an expert in your niche, making your product or service more attractive to prospects.

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