get link 10412145_s_0Ever wonder what your doctor may NOT know? Hot off the Integrative Medicine Journal presses is Dr. Paul Savage‘s commentary offering best practices and clinical guidelines to patients, physicians and pharmacies. In the December/January issue of IMCJ, Dr. Savage brings to light the necessity of compounding pharmacies in the health care system and how to avoid future problems.

rainn wilson online dating Thanks to the recent outbreak of fungal meningitis, which is now responsible for 28 deaths across the country, compounding pharmacies are in the hot seat of federal regulators, and questions are being raised about their safety.


go here Considering only 163 of the 7,000 compounding pharmacies have Pharmacy Compounding Accreditation Board (PCAB) accreditation -Dr. Savage offers this advice to men and women: Know your doctor and make sure they research the compounding pharmacies they are using. Like many physicians, Dr. Savage writes prescriptions daily that require a compounding pharmacy.

best indian dating sites usa “Compounding pharmacies are a necessity to the healthcare system, and with the recent news, there are steps that ought to be taken from patient to physician to pharmacy,” said Dr Savage. In the full IMCJ article Dr. Savage emphasizes the importance of using a PCAB-accredited compounding pharmacy and offered specific guidelines to the healthcare practitioner, compounding pharmacies and patients.' “I have been a physician for over 25 years, first in emergency medicine/trauma, then this past decade in integrative age-management medicine,” said Dr. Savage in his article. “In both practices, the use of compounded medications is a daily occurrence. Physicians understand that medications have risks and benefits, including unwanted and potentially dangerous side effects. But most physicians assume that medications ordered for patients are safe, effective, high quality, and free of dangerous infectious agents.”

see url Dr. Paul Savage took this trending topic to the health and medical community.

opzioni binarie ci si guadagna o si rimette “We want everyone to be playing by the same rules and doing things right. I strongly encourage all compounding pharmacies to pursue PCAB accreditation and for the chain stores and mail order houses that are compounding to bring themselves up to the same standards as those of us who are committed to this area of pharmacy,” said Chicago-based Dr. Mark H. Mandel Pharm D,IACP Compounding Pharmacist. The Perimenopause blog reported on this trending story posing the question Are Compounding Pharmacies Safe? The article serves as a reminder to men and women using bioidentical hormone therapy: While it’s always a good idea to remain vigilant, it’s also a good idea to not allow mass hysteria to negatively affect or cloud your judgment! If you have been using compounding pharmacies for your bioidentical hormone prescriptions safely up until now, there is no reason to believe that you can’t continue to do so!