go to site, Corsi operazioni binarie principianti. Recomendamos el uso de IE explorer, Fire Fox o Google Chrome para una mejor click here nurse-harmoneIs it Possible Get Your Mojo Back with Bioidentical Hormones? In the February 14th story – The Perimenopause Blog’s editor Magnolia Miller and Ageology’s Dr. Paul Savage report: 50% of women going through perimenopause complain of loss of libido, and suffer with vaginal dryness and atrophy.

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The short answer is hormone imbalance. Like every other symptom of perimenopause, loss of libido is due to hormone imbalance.  Low progesterone levels are generally the primary culprit when it comes to lagging sexual desire. But low estrogen levels are also part of the problem as well. Without enough estrogen, vaginal tissue becomes dry, vaginal walls become thin, and quite frankly, sexual intercourse becomes downright painful. Waning testosterone levels during perimenopause (yes, women have testosterone too!) can also make sexual response and orgasm difficult.

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http://www.tentaclefilms.com/?yutie=signora-guadagna-7500-euro-al-mese-con-opzioni-digitali&288=b3 The answer is simple: Bioidentical hormones (hormones which are identical to those which your body naturally produces), are a far better choice when addressing hormone imbalance, compared to synthetic hormones (hormones which are not identical to those which your body naturally produces) which tend to work against your body rather than with it.

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