Bioidentical hormone therapy is the bomb! Ageology reports Suzanne Somers latest book Bombshell preorders are now available with a limited time offer to receive a free autographed bookplate. Advocating bioidentical hormone therapy, Ageology applauds Suzanne Somers for uncovering explosive medical secrets that redefine aging.In Bombshell, Suzanne Somers poses as your personal medical detective, sniffing out the clues from medical experts and scientists that will stop deterioration and guide men and women on a path to restoration and healthy longevity!

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go to site source link What to expect from Bombshell?
Ageology anti-aging physicians prescribe it to be a healthy and thought-provoking read. Somers shares explosive medical secrets utilizing the groundbreaking technologies of today, or the very near future, that will give men and women

enter site • Balancing hormones with bioidentical hormone replacement therapy improves health, well-being, vitality, looks, and sex drive • How to clean the blood supply and literally wipe out today’s most feared diseases
• Stem cell procedure and how it can be used to prevent disease
• Learn how “cure” to cancer by preventing it at the source
• Supplement that will restore the human body to a younger internal age and reverse signs of aging such as disease, baldness, wrinkles, and loss of hearing and eyesight.

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binary options jobs london The facts behind the Bombshell of Hormones:
SUZANNE SOMERS is the author of twenty-two books, including the #1 New York Times bestsellers Sexy Forever, Knockout, and Ageless, and the New York Times bestsellersBreakthrough; Keeping Secrets; Eat Great, Lose Weight; Get Skinny on Fabulous Food; Eat, Cheat, and Melt the Fat Away; Suzanne Somers’ Fast and Easy; and The Sexy Years. Somers can be seen in her weekly talk show, The Suzanne Show, on the Lifetime Network and in Suzanne Somers Breaking Through, her YouTube talk show hosted by CafeMom.

opzioni digitali su indici Visit for more information on her shows, products, and her phenomenally successful weight loss plan, Sexy Forever. Ageology CEO Dr. Paul Savage is featured in Suzanne Somers’ New York Times bestseller Ageless – Chapter 26 Nutrition and Hormones.