Good Nutrition and White Powder Addictions
We could talk about the basics of nutrition like every other health expert. Low carbs, high protein, low fat, (and don’t forget the good fats), drinking gallons of water and eating several small meals a day. You get it? Ok, we all get that, support it and will talk more about it!

site de rencontre suisse 100 gratuit For all the talk of cocaine and crystal meth, there is another highly-addictive drug that millions of Americans—young and old, male and female alike—are using each and every day.

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flirten ältere frauen Like many other drugs, this one is also potentially deadly. In fact, it’s associated with the second-leading cause of preventable death. This drug is known to cause heart disease, strokes, high blood pressure, diabetes and obesity. It has even been linked to cancer.

This dangerous white powder is … sugar! And it’s especially dangerous because it is not regulated. It’s been said that if sugar makers tried to get the product to market in this day and age, it may not pass the scrutiny of the FDA.

robot opzioni binarie funziona Sugar’s Role in Obesity
Frustrated physicians have watched helplessly over the past two decades as obesity has taken over almost every state in the U.S. Sugar is not the only culprit, but it plays a large role in the obesity equation, especially when you consider the prevalence of this white crystalline drug.

You can find sugar in more than 45,000 products commonly available in grocery stores. Sugar is hidden in the labels of processed foods with names like “high concentrated fructose corn syrup.” And most Americans eat their weight in sugar each year.

Yes, sugar is a factor in obesity. It’s one of the reasons why we live in an obesogenic environment. But it is ultimately humans who choose to live in a fat instead of fit world. Perhaps sugar should be regulated. However, like alcohol and cigarettes, it’s ultimately up to each individual to make the right choices. Know What You Eat!
Despite all the complex diet programs and food models, nutrition is a simple matter. You’ve heard it said, “You are what you eat.” Well, good nutrition essentially comes down to four words: know what you eat. So take a moment now and ask yourself: Do I really know what is in the foods I am eating?

Maybe you do. In a recent Nielsen market research study, 69% of Americans interviewed admitted that even though they knew better, they continued to drink soft drinks with meals and eat more junk food because it was just more convenient.

Overall, calorie intake is up over 500 calories per day in the past decade while calories used in exercise are down over 100 calories per day. It’s a matter of priorities. You can opt for convenient junk foods now, but you will pay the price of poor health later.

Health-conscious know what they eat. They turn away from sugars and starches—and they addictions they cause—and work to plan, practice and persevere in beneficial nutrition and exercise habits. What Should You Eat?
It has been proven time and time again that the proper nutritional plan includes eight to 10 servings of fruits and vegetables every day, along with lean meats like chicken and fish. Although the jury is out on grain, if you do eat grain you should only small portions of whole grains like kasha, quinoa, and brown rice.

Having a hard time getting eight to 10 servings of fruits and vegetables a day? Try a great tasting raw blended drink. Here’s one of our favorite recipes. You can use a vegetable blender like Vitamix or Ninja1100 to make it.

  • 3 large glasses of water
  • One carrot
  • ½ of a pepper (red, yellow, orange or green…mix it up)
  • A small handful of spinach
  • One baby bok choy
  • ¼ of a Napa cabbage
  • One apple
  • ½ of a peeled avocado
  • ½ bag of frozen berries (blueberries, mixed berries…mix it up)

This drink provides the nutrients, vitamins, phytosterols, healthy fats, and fiber that the body requires each and every day. All you have to do is drink half of the blender in the morning and the other half at night before bedtime.

Our physicians can recommend medical food drinks, such as UltraClear by Metagenics, Inflammacore by Orthomolecular Products and i5 by Xymogen in place of a meal at lunch—now that’s healthy convenience!—then a healthy dinner with lean meat and vegetables.

Our nutritional plan contains less than 1200 calories, and work to improve every aspect of your health. If your health requires that you increase your muscle and bone mass, then adding more protein in the form of lean meats is recommended.

dating silverface twin reverb Are you ready to improve your nutrition and improve your health? Make an appointment to see one of our Ageology anti-aging physicians today.

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