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Ageology: Dr. Paul Savage. July 1, 2013. Photo by Andrew Collings.

Dr. Paul Savage, M.D., FACEP, is one of the world’s foremost authorities in the area of integrative metabolic medicine (IMM), including bioidentical hormone therapy. Twenty five years a doctor, he has been practicing IMM as his solo specialty for more than a decade. During that time, he has helped thousands of patients who came to him as their “last resort,” get well, feel well, and age well. Dr. Savage believes that behind every diagnosis is a patient, and therefore the patient is the focus of his practice.

Featured in Suzanne Somers’ best-selling book ‘AGELESS,’ Dr. Savage has become a nationally known lecturer and leader in this field, and remains on the front lines of innovative IMM therapies.  He is frequently called upon to provide expert insights on hormone therapy to major news media, including BusinessWeek, Fox News, Women’s World and the Chicago Tribune, to name a few. He is board certified by the American College of Emergency Physicians, the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M), as well as a Fellow of Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine. Dr. Savage is a graduate of the University of Michigan School Of Medicine, and was an ER/trauma physician for more than 15 years.

Why Integrative Metabolic Medicine

According to Dr. Savage, “In an age where medicine is increasingly depersonalized and where stress, anxiety, obesity and chronic illness drastically affect the healthspan (the period within lifespan where an individual is healthy and thriving, not just surviving) of tens of millions of people, integrative metabolic medicine offers hope.”

He continues, “IMM combines the practices and methods of alternative medicine with traditional medicine to achieve optimal health. IMM has been shown to be effective in the treatment of illness as well as improving overall quality of life.  This is what Ageology is all about.  Helping people get well, feel well and age well, so they can live a quality life.”

Through the application of a robust IMM treatment model, Dr. Savage uses five pillars of a treatment plan that target the whole patient, instead of a reactive and primarily pharmaceutical response to lab results. The pillars – nutrition, vitamins, fitness, hormones and mind/body – allow Dr. Savage, as well as the Ageology network physicians, to help patients stabilize their health and regain the quality of life they seek. Additionally, Ageology physician members can and do prescribe, and help patients manage their medications, as needed.


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What This Means To You!

With Dr. Savage at the helm, IMM offers a new path for the millions of people who cannot find satisfactory answers in traditional medicine.  Those answers they are seeking cannot be found because they simply do not exist; the evaluative lens of the traditional medical physician simply does not focus on the causal relationship between spiritual, emotional, mental and physical health.  Without integration, total well-being is difficult to achieve at best, and an impossibility at worst.

Dr. Savage and the Ageology network physicians are medical doctors who break through the one-dimensional plane of traditional treatment and offer a paradigm that truly embraces multi-dimensional care.

Integrative metabolic medicine is on the rise. Given the growing needs and demands of patients and their families, the transformation of modern medical practice cannot happen soon enough.