c8f4417e22ede87768c8649fc3161f21 Ageology_Physicians_Say_Sugar_Kills_HormonesCould a cup of sugar be as damaging as a pack of cigarettes? Anti-aging physicians, preventive medicine MDs and 60 Minutes report sugar could be the new tobacco. Everyday millions of Americans –  young and old, male and female alike – are using a highly-addictive drug. Unfortunately, it’s sold on just about every street and is found in more than 45,000 products available at grocery stores, gas stations, and movie theaters. You’ll often see this drug concealed with names like “high concentrated fructose corn syrup.”  If you haven’t already guessed, we’re talking about sugar.


http://highschool.isq.edu.mx/cr45/595/assets/js/1941 “Sugar irreversibly binds to proteins in your body after it is digested.  Think of a fish (pure protein), heated over a low fire in a pan covered in sugar. The fish once slippery is now forever sticky.  This is inflammation, and just one of the ways that dietary sugar harms your body irreversibly,” noted Dr. Paul Savage, anti-aging expert and Ageology physician.

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“In most younger men, low testosterone levels are due to not enough protein and too much sugar!
Sugar is  KNOWN to significantly lower testosterone levels  along with all the other major hormones and functions in the body,” Savage warned men with a sweet tooth.

In the last 200 years, the U.S. diet has changed dramatically. According to the Whole Health Source,
U.S. sugar consumption has risen steadily over the years. In 1822, the average American consumed 6.3 pounds of sugar per year, today that number is somewhere over one hundred. If the trend continues, by 2606 the U.S. diet will be 100 percent sugar!

The prevalence of sugar is more than just a dietary issue; studies show that it can also aggravate the symptoms of menopause. An article by 360 Menopause explains that hormonal balance is nearly impossible if blood sugar is not in balance. Once blood sugar is balanced however, hormones tend to regulate themselves. The key is to choose foods with a low glycemic index (those containing protein and healthy fats). This promotes a slower release of blood sugar and insulin.

Even60 Minutes recently aired a segment calling into question the toxicity of sugar and its role in a laundry list of health issues. In the end, it’s up to each individual to make the right health choice. To help make your decision easier, we thought we share a few motivating reasons to kick the sugar habit.

15 Reasons Sugar Can Hurt You:

  1. Cause premature aging
  2. Decrease growth hormone
  3. Causes food allergies
  4. Feeds cancer
  5. Suppress the immune system
  6. Contribute to obesity
  7. Cause heart disease
  8. Contribute to osteoporosis
  9. Increase cholesterol
  10. Increase the systolic blood pressure
  11. Contribute to diabetes
  12. Damage the pancreas
  13. Cause depression
  14. Lead to the formation of kidney stones
  15. Cause hormonal imbalances

Watch your health, watch your hormones, just say no to sugar!