source url Ageology_Chicago_Physicians_BHRTCall it the HRT Wives Club? When it comes to bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, or HRT, it’s more popular for physicians to prescribe it for their wives than their patients. So says a new study out of Germany.

robot affidabile per opzioni binarie Led by Dr. Kai J. Buhling, the study was the first of its kind in Germany to show an underuse of hormone replacement therapy among gynecological patients compared to self-administration for themselves or their female partner.

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follow url 43 percent of male doctors would put their partner on HRT if she had “reduced libido,” while only 31 percent of the female doctors thought that was a good option for themselves.
The same pattern was found when it came to incontinence, osteoporosis, vaginal problems and other issues that face many women as they get older.
The study also reveals almost all doctors were ready to recommend hormone replacement therapy for the menopausal symptom of hot flashes for all women. The study is more evidence that physicians are beginning to better understand the benefits of hormone replacement therapy.

follow url “This study demonstrates that although the great majority of German gynecologists have a favorable attitude regarding personal use of HRT, various discrepancies between physician and patient care exist, especially for the indications of cognitive disorders, achievement of overall well-being, and anti-aging,” reports the North American Menopause Society. “This finding calls for a more unified treatment of perimenopausal and postmenopausal disorders.”

binary options trading comparison Dr. Michele Curtis of the University of Texas Medical School at Houston, who was not involved in the study, told Reuters the news was not surprising. Despite risks outlined in a Women’s Health Initiative 12 years ago, more physicians are warming up to the many benefits of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.

bester binäre option broker The reality is study after study shows that bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is safer for women who begin using it at the onset of menopause.

Sildenafil Citrate bliver billigere “I think this would be applicable to doctors in the U.S., too,” Curtis said. Interested in a bioidentical hormone therapy plan that is right for you? Get started today with an Ageology physician. Source: