blogImageWhat do your hormones have to do with diabetes? March 26th 2013 is the 25th American Diabetes Association Alert Day, it’s a wake up call for Americans to access their diabetes risk.

“We are facing a crisis” says Ageology Bioidentical Hormone Therapy Expert Dr. Paul Savage.

“Diabesity affects 80% of those overweight and up to 40% of normal weight people, that’s 1 in every 2 Americans. It Is not even diagnosed in over 90% of those who suffer from it but the good news is by balancing your hormones and making some lifestyle-based changes diabesity is wholly preventable.”

According to the American Diabetes Association (ADA), 26 million Americans have type 2 diabetes and nearly seven million don’t even know they have it.

binУЄre optionen die wahrheit Diabesity: The Fast Stats

  • Diabesity is responsible for more deaths than heart disease, cancer, high blood pressure
  • It will account for more than 70% of our $2.4 trillion annual health-care bill
  • Most of the $47 trillion we spend globally over the next 20 years will be used to treat diabesity
  • It is responsible for nearly twice as many deaths every year as infectious disease, even in the developing world
  • Diabesity is a condition that most doctors not trained in
  • BUT Diabesity is nearly 100% preventable, treatable and reversible! 

enter site What is Diabesity?

Diabesity is the continuum of metabolic disturbances from mild blood sugar and insulin imbalances to pre-diabetes to full blown type 2 diabetes. Shockingly this condition occurs in about 40% of people of normal weight, those  “skinny fat” people who look thin but are metabolically fat. For these people, diabesity presents the same risk factors for disease and death as those who are overweight. Eighty percent of all overweight people have diabesity. 5 Myths About Diabetes and Diabesity

In his book  follow url The Blood Sugar Solution watchDr. Mark Hyman outlines 5 myths about Diabetes and Diabesity. They are (paraphrased herein):

canadian pharmacy for premarin Myth No. 1: Diabetes is genetic.

Type 2 diabetes is not a genetic disorder. In fact, diabesity is almost entirely brought on by environmental and lifestyle factors. From 1983 to 2008, the number of people in the world with diabetes increased sevenfold yet our genes change only 0.2 percent every 20,000 years. Our environment and what we put in our bodies, on the other hand, has changed more in the last 100 years than in all of previous human history.

source url Myth No. 2: Diabetes is not reversible.

Diabetes, especially if it is caught early can be treated aggressively with lifestyle changes, occasionally with medications, and it can be reversible. The problem is that most conventional doctors do not catch diabetes early enough because they focus on fasting blood-sugar levels rather than insulin levels.

rencontre ado net Myth No. 3: Pre-diabetes is not dangerous until it turns into full-blown diabetes.

Pre-diabetes/diabesity is a deadly disease that carries with it nearly all of the risks of diabetes including — heart attacks, cancers, and dementia.

coniugazione di rencontrer Myth No. 4: There’s no going back once you have started taking insulin.         

On insulin your blood sugar may improve, but your overall risk of heart disease does not. But under the supervision of a specialist, such as your Ageology doctor, you may be able reverse diabesity and diabetes and even stop insulin therapy altogether. Myth No. 5:   go to site Medication that lowers blood sugar will prevent heart attacks. In fact, Avandia, the world’s No. 1 diabetes drug, contributed to 47,000 incidences of heart attacks, stroke, heart failure or death in the first 10 years of its use. There is no magic pill. The  click here New England Journal of Medicine recently reported that not only can these drugs be ineffective but they may be creating harm by ignoring the root causes of disease.

Your Ageology doctor specializes in bioidentical hormone therapy and can assist you making other lifestyle-based changes to help you avoid diabetes and diabesity. Celebrate American Diabetes Alert Day by making an appointment today and getting on the road away from Diabesity.