photo 5We expect to get a disease. Of course you will get a disease, look at the planet, our planet has been hijacked, our food has been hijacked,” Suzanne Somers told the audience in her keynote to the 2012 American Academy of Anti-Aging in Orlando, Florida this weekend.

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see Healthy living is getting harder thanks to toxins, genetically processed foods and environmental conditions out of our control Just look at today’s top chronic disease killers: obesity, heart disease and diabetes. But the good news is healthy living is also getting more popular with consumers who want to take charge and physicians who are sick of taking care of the sick and want to help people stay healthy.

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go here New health consumer meet the new health doctor.

see url The tide is changing thanks to the new top-tier health consumer who are driving the adoption of the anti-aging healthcare model. This group is responsible for reshaping a new healthcare landscape – seeking to create a world in which we enjoy prolonged lifespans, absence of disease and disability and full of productivity and vitality according to a presentation by A4M co-founder Dr. Robert Goldman.

follow link The anti-aging industry is getting bigger, stronger and smarter with dedicated physicians who practice preventive medicine and influential celebrities such as Suzanne Somers who are making it their life purpose to shift society from disease care to healthcare. With a 9% growth rate year after year, in 2010 the anti-aging industry was valued at $115 billion and it is now on growth track to be $292 billion by 2015.

site de rencontre nord de la france follow site Suzanne Somers Healthy Takeaways on Aging and Hormones

  • Take care of your body.
  • Don’t go to an anti-aging doctor who is not versed in bioidentcal hormones.
  • Doctors who are not versed in #BHRT are the ones who will tell you that BHRT causes cancer.
  • There is not one recorded death as a result of bioidentical hormone therapy, yet how many deaths from chronic diseases?
  • Drug after drug after drug is not the path to life extension.
  • Cancer can’t survive in a body that is detoxified.
  • Health Tip: Go to the doctor when you are well, not when you are sick!
  • Scary Number: Four hours in medical school covered on hormone instruction…Really? Really! Find a qualified #A4M anti-aging doctor!
  • Men and women in their 30’s and 40’s are now suffering from hormone loss because of toxicity and environmental conditions.
  • Aging should be aspirational, aging people have wisdom
  • Living longer and healthier allows us to be a productive member of society – reinvent with wisdom
  • At 65-years-old Suzanne Somers says she plans on living to be 115!
  • Chew your food, it is the first step in nutrition!
  • Do away with some luxuries and spend it on healthcare.
  • Your body is like a Maserati, it is up you to fuel it.
  • So what’s the bottom line?
  • Practice healthcare and take control of your health! Here are the basics:
  • Eat real food, sleep, manage your stress, exercise, avoid toxins, balance your hormones. If you need help with this, an Ageology anti-aging physician is available to help you create healthy age management plan.