get link sex-drive-solutionFind that pink bra, your libido and get your sexy back! Women are discovering sex isn’t over after 40 by reading books like The Sex Drive Revolution and turning to healthy aging solutions such as nutrition, fitness and bioidentical hormone therapy (BHRT).

enter site Hitting the ebook shelves this month is The Sex Drive Revolution by Dr. Jennifer Landa, recently named one of the top 10 most provocative books by Creative Loafing  alternative news-weekly, and reviewed by Ageology’s CEO and bioidentical hormone therapy physician  Dr. Paul Savage who said it was G-Spot-on!

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go here “The Sex Drive Solution provides a holistic approach for women on their health and libido.  The loss of libido that occurs with age may be considered by many as natural part of aging, but that in no means implies that it is healthy.  Addressing nutrition, stress and natural hormone balancing is pivotal.  Dr. Landa’s ability to address testosteroneas one of the most important hormones to a women’s libido, as well as to their overall health, is spot on!”  said Dr. Savage  CEO Ageology – Expert in Hormone Replacement Therapy. Anti-aging books like the Sex Drive Solution offer women of all ages the chance to learn what’s happening to their bodies and how to reinvent their love lives in every stage of life. Using her OB/GYN expertise and now a pioneer in bioidentical hormone therapy, Ageology applauds Dr. Landa and how she shares real life stories of patients who have re-ignited their sex-lives and experienced complete wellness transformations with renewed energy and zest for life!


strategie opzioni binarie forum “I’ve got four kids, a full-time job – spare time for sex? HA! This book was recommended to me by a friend and OMG, what a difference! Not only have I experienced a renewal of intimacy, I have discovered ways to reduce my stress levels and learned more about bioidentical hormone therapy,” said one of Dr. Jen’s four star reviews on Amazon.

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