Frequently Asked Questions

Q1.  What is integrative medicine?

Integrative medicine is a unique, whole picture approach to care that puts you at the center, in partnership with your physician, to achieve optimal health and vitality. It combines the best scientifically validated therapies from alternative and traditional medicine to treat you as whole person (mind and body).


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Q2.  What is Ageology?

Ageology is a premiere growing network of highly credentialed, independent physicians specializing in integrative medicine to help you regain and achieve optimal health, overcome the impact of aging; and prevent, treat and reverse chronic illness. Ageology is founded on the Integrative Medicine approach and uses the five pillars of treatment to help you achieve your wellness goals.

Q3. What are the five pillars of treatment and why are they important?

Ageology physicians evaluate and treat patients through a customized and comprehensive approach to care using the five pillars of treatment which include:

  • Vitamins
  • Nutrition
  • Fitness
  • Hormones
  • Mind and Body

When taken together, these five pillars provide a powerful and preventative path to wellness instead of a reactive response when symptoms arise.

Q4.  How is an Ageology physician different than a traditional physician?

Ageology physicians focus on the prevention, treatment and reversal of chronic illness by combining traditional medicine with alternative treatments to address the whole body. They break through the one-dimensional (traditional) approach to treatment by getting to the root of the problem, instead of just addressing the symptoms, to offer a holistic method that embraces multi-dimensional healthcare.

Q5.  What are the benefits of an integrative medicine treatment approach?

Unlike traditional medicine, an integrative medicine approach takes into account every aspect of your life (nutrition, stress, vitamins, sleep, exercise, et.) to create an individualized treatment plan that works specifically for you. No two treatments are the same and a “one-size-fits-all” approach does not exist. Integrative medicine treatments can have fewer adverse side effects, is often less invasive and more cost effective.

Q6.  Who should see an Ageology physician?

Everyone! Whether you’re experiencing illness and want a path to wellness or if you’re in good health and want to work with a physician one-on-one to maintain vitality as you age, an Ageology physician can help.


If you are experiencing illness or any of the following below and cannot find satisfactory answers in traditional medicine, an Ageology physician could help:

  • Extreme/unexplained mood swings, anxiety, panic attacks, fatigue, depression, helplessness, weight gain.
  • You’ve seen countless doctors, but nothing is working for you.
  • You want to get well, feel well, and age well!
  • You’re in perimenopause or menopause who has never used hormone therapy
  • Little or no interest in sex
  • Currently using hormone therapy
  • You’ve used hormone therapy before and are considering using it again


If you’re feeling good and simply want to maintain your vitality as you age:

  • You can develop an individualized plan with your Ageology physician to monitor your health and continue the wellness behaviors that have always worked for you.
  • Identify “aging” risk factors, based on genetics and health history to determine what types of challenges you’re likely to face as you age and plans for addressing them early on if/when they begin to emerge.
Q7.  When should you see an Ageology physician?

Anytime. There is no right or wrong time to see an Ageology physician, however generally our patients range from their mid-thirties to upper 60’s.


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Q8.  When will I see results?

It depends on each person. Some people report immediate results, however, feeling better isn’t about a quick fix. It’s an ongoing, lifelong commitment. Our goal is to place the opportunity to live better into the hands of every person who is committed to achieving it.

Q9.  I’ve tried everything, why is Integrative Medicine different?

We hear this a lot and completely understand. Finding the right treatment can be difficult and frustrating. Integrative medicine is unique because it combines traditional medicine with alternative treatments to address the whole body (not just one part). Your integrative medicine physician doesn’t simply look for “the solution,” but instead seeks the “best solution” to fit your unique needs. We are your long-term “wellness guides” to help you achieve your health goals in a comfortable time frame.

Q10.  Will the doctor take me off of my prescriptions?

Not necessarily.


Integrative medicine physicians can and will prescribe medications, as well as help patients manage their medications. Our goal is to help you maintain optimum health as defined by you and your doctor together. This could mean setting a goal to come off of pharmaceuticals and it might not. Your physician will create a treatment plan that best supports your wellness needs. It is important to know that using an Integrative medicine physician does not require a patient commitment to stop the use of any medications.

Q11. I feel fine. Do I need an Integrative Medicine physician?



Even if you feel great right now, working with an Integrative medicine physician will help you maintain your health as you age and prevent health issues that might arise. As we get older, changes occur that are sometimes out of our control. Taking a preventative approach instead of reacting to those changes as they happen, can make all the difference. The best way to continue feeling great as you age is to create a personal wellness plan that addresses your specific needs.