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sceeto binary options nhHMnPk_ETZC0fFOWGiG4-9Dp<GhS8P9VcyqnOFlr8-1 Ageology is focused not only on helping our patients regain their health, but also helping them achieve their very best health. We treat our patients as individuals, not as a symptom or a disease.  Because every medical case is different, we develop a customized plan that works best for each patient. Below are real-life examples of our patient’s success stories. We’re able to achieve these results because Ageology physicians don’t just put a band-aid on an illness; we spend time discovering the root of the problem so we can provide a permanent solution.

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Ageology Patient Case Study – #2

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I began seeing Dr. Savage in Chicago in my early 40s when my menstrual cycle started to change. I’m currently 47 years old and still his patient, even though I have since moved to Denver. I am a nutritionist who believes in a healthy and active lifestyle, so Dr. Savage’s lifelong journey to feel better and age well is in sync with my philosophy, which I strongly encourage my 10-year-old twins and eight-year-old son to follow as well.


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