here hook up kill switch go kart Symptoms before meeting Dr. Savage: Elevated PSA Treatment/Plan of action: Diet, Exercise and hormone balancing

apps conocer chicas How do you feel now? Improved mentally and physically

source url Describe results and how long did it take?  PSA and related criteria at satisfactory level.  6 months Did you have any hesitations? No

var köper man Sildenafil Citrate billigt What would you say to others considering hormone therapy? Regard Dr. Savage’s recommendations for exercise and diet as integral to the success of preventing medical frailty.

conocer hombres estadounidenses Any advice you would give? Go the extra mile to talk with Dr. Savage, ask for explanations, reasons. CANCER ALERT LEADS TO IMPROVED LEVEL OF HEALTH
I had a profound awakening I wish to share.
Who can we trust as our health care practitioner?  A Doctor who traditionally only attempts to medicate our way to health?  I say NO!  But a Doctor who “ ascribes patients to eating only a specific combination of foods, to engaging in continuously varied high intensity exercise and, who ascribes to closely monitoring the patients hormonal balances.  This Doctor believes these three constructs for both men and women of all ages are the interdependent components of good health and that their involvement breakdown is 75% eating, 20% exercising and 5% medicating.”
Once I found such a Doctor, the challenge was be to overcome the culprit of change: resistance. Giving up on my health was not an option.  It’s only you and I with our big brains and our tiny hearts, who doubt and overthink and hesitate.
When I overcame the resistance, got out of my own way and disciplined myself to the eating, exercising and hormone regulating, improvements were incredible: my health, the way I felt and the way I looked.  Without reservations I believe that I will have avoided medical frailty and depression and I will enjoy continuing being a functional independent contributing member of our society.
Who am I?  I had the good fortune of being referred to Dr. Paul Savage to address an elevating PSA reading and concerns with the condition of my prostate.  He assisted me in engaging in these three health components that then effectively lowered my indications of prostate cancer to a safe level.   I met Dr. Savage 3 years ago when I was 65 years old.  Religiously followed his recommendations and have since lived a significantly more functional life.  Not only have I experienced the relief of not dealing with cancer, my level of fitness, health and athleticism has all appreciably improved.  Though at the time we first met, I believed I was “working out” and “dieting” right, my assessment was off base.  I wanted to live a productive functional 110 years.  The scary prostate cancer alert sent a signal for which I am forever grateful.  As Albert Einstein once said: “In the middle of a difficulty lies opportunity.”
In the first 6 months under Dr. Savage’s care, I lost 32 pounds of fat, from a body composition of 22% fat down to 9.8% fat.  In the same period I gained 10.5 pounds of lean muscle mass.
Three years ago, I could walk fast but simply could not sustain any running, could not do one military burpee, I had a problem jumping rope for more than 5 or 6 jumps without missing and, because of an old shoulder injury, I could not do a single pushup.  Three months ago I ran my first sub 9 minute mile, more recently ran a 10k under 90 minutes, have done 100 burpee chin-ups in a row (a burpee followed with a chin-up), have jumped rope for more than 200 jumps without a miss and now can drop down and do 25 pushups in a row.  My bodyweight is 228 pounds.  I haven’t seen my “abs” for 40 years and now have a six pack.
These changes are significant.  They did not happen by chance.  They certainly would not have happened through medication alone.
The past three years have been a period of tweaking the eating, the exercising and the medication so that they work in harmony.  Though there is the 75:20:5 relationship, if hormones are out of balance the contributions of the eating and exercise are severly diminished.
The truth is sometimes difficult to deal with but how bad do you want to be healthy.  I found out that meds alone were not enough.  I had to eat right and learned that routine is the enemy of exercise. source site  

Age: 68
Hometown: Springfield, IL