3 Ways to Stop Sugar Cravings for Life

1. Keep your blood sugar balanced

Low blood sugar can leave you feeling anxious, irritable and absolutely ravenous! In these imbalanced moments, you’re more likely to reach for quick, empty calories or comfort foods. Support your ability to make healthy food choices by eating small snacks that contain protein and/or healthy fats every few hours. Protein and healthy fats are highly satiating, so they’re perfect to carry in the car or purse.

Healthy fast foods include:

  • A hard-boiled egg
  • Turkey or beef jerky
  • A small bag of nuts
  • Hummus with baby carrots or snap peas

2. Kick the artificial sweeteners

If you really, REALLY want to tackle sugar cravings, it’s imperative that you stop the cycle of sugar addiction. Yes, this means decreasing your intake of artificial sweeteners. Many people think that synthetic sweeteners are ok because they have no calories, but that does not mean they are innocuous. The truth is: Artificial sweeteners are up to 600 times sweeter than sugar. While they have no calories, they do reinforce sugar cravings in the brain.

Start small by cutting back your intake. Replace flavored waters and diet sodas with counter-brewed teas like hibiscus, which is full of vitamin C and tastes amazing!

3. Manage stress

Chronic stress has been associated with increased appetite, sugar and fat cravings, abdominal obesity, low energy, poor concentration, heart disease, increased risk for strokes, diabetes (reduced sensitivity to insulin), osteoporosis and more! A daily stress-management program can help you keep a calm center and reduce the cravings that tear you down.

When you feel stressed-out, try:

  • Taking a brisk 15-minute walk
  • Listening to your favorite music
  • Calling a friend or family member
  • Connecting with your spiritual community

Five Seasonal Superfoods

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Colder weather and longer nights can bring out carb cravings in even the most dedicated avoider of bread, bagels,  fruit cake, muffins – need I go on? And a relative chill in the air can tempt us to slow down and hunker down indoors, resulting in exercising less and eating more. READ MORE →

The Health Benefits of Red Wine

fineartamerica.comBefore you crack open your next beer or sip your next glass of Chardonnay, consider red wine instead. Red wine will make you feel better than any other drink, not because it will get you tipsy (which it can!), but because it’s loaded with resveratrol—a plant chemical with many known positive effects on heart health. Beyond its impact on the circulatory system, resveratrol may also be helpful for promoting immunity, and preventing obesity and Alzheimer’s disease. READ MORE →

Report Finds that Americans Are Throwing Away Epic Quantities of Food

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Kick Sugar Out of Your Diet Today!

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You may not know exactly how this addictive, white, powdery substance—something many of us connect to our fondest memories (birthday cake!) and look to for comfort on a daily basis (mid-workday Starbucks Frappucino!)—has these effects. We’ll get to that in a moment. READ MORE →

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Recent medical breakthroughs in diet, exercise, nutrition, “vitamin” supplementation, and even hormone optimization have caught the interest of the public at large, the scientific community, and private industry alike.  It seems we are on the verge of a longevity renaissance. And I agree! READ MORE →

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