Falling Asleep, Staying Asleep, Staying Youthful

woman sleepingIt’s winter. In most parts of the nation, people have already begun to hunker down as the temperatures continue to drop. For many, even during long, cold winter nights that seem best for hibernation, quality sleep can feel far out of reach.

Since the 1930s, we’ve known that sleep is much more complex than it appears.  It occurs in several discrete stages, each of which plays a role in maintaining health, growth and functionality. READ MORE →

Great Sex During Menopause? Yes, it is Possible!

GettyImages_57443222A large study by researchers at the University of California at San Diego (UCSD) and the San Diego Veterans’ Affairs Department has revealed some surprisingly positive conclusions about women’s sexuality in the post-menopausal years.

If a woman’s desire for sex or enjoyment of sex drops off at menopause, and the man still enjoys and desires sex with his partner, this can be difficult for both. Couples used to bonding in this way may miss that closeness. A man whose desires haven’t flagged may feel frustrated and sad when his partner begins to turn away because sex hurts or desire wanes. READ MORE →

Five Seasonal Superfoods

cauliflower-tabbouleh-1With the fall and winter holidays come, for many of us, an extra five pounds. The fortunate ones managed to lose last year’s holiday weight, and likely have the best of intentions of not gaining them back. If those five pounds never really quite rolled off, you may be alarmed at the prospect of adding an additional five more as another season sets in.

Colder weather and longer nights can bring out carb cravings in even the most dedicated avoider of bread, bagels,  fruit cake, muffins – need I go on? And a relative chill in the air can tempt us to slow down and hunker down indoors, resulting in exercising less and eating more. READ MORE →

Can Testosterone Lengthen a Man’s Life? (Part Two)

MyHealthNews-1Testosterone replacement therapy remains a hotly debated topic in the medical world. As an Ageology physician, I, along with the rest of the Ageology network, strongly believe that testosterone replacement therapy lengthens both a man’s lifespan (how long he lives) and healthspan (the period within lifespan where an he is healthy and thriving, not just surviving) when prescribed to treat a lack of this hormone. READ MORE →

Can Testosterone Lengthen a Man’s Life? (Part One)

riwan-1A few months back I clicked on an article in the Washington Post because of its intriguing headline—“New study highlights the role of testosterone in longevity.” I was hoping to see further evidence in favor of the benefits of testosterone (T) replacement for men that have decreased levels of the hormone. Here’s what I read:

Now, a study that analyzes the longevity of eunuchs, or castrated men, suggests that testosterone may play a part in shortening men’s lives.

Needless to say, that was not what I was expecting. READ MORE →

The Other Side of the Story – a Physician Response to More Magazine’s “The Hormone Hoax Thousands Fall For”

Ageology: Dr. Paul Savage. July 1, 2013. Photo by Andrew Collings.I am a board-certified physician who specializes in integrative metabolic medicine.  This means that I have made it my life’s work to help people overcome the health challenges that increasingly confront them as they age.  The goal? To support every patient in the quest for wellness and quality of life – however that is defined by the individual. READ MORE →

Top 10 Reasons You Should Be Active

silvercross.org-1While thirty percent of Americans say they get regular physical activity, forty percent say they get none. With all that’s known about the importance of being active and the benefits it provides to both physical and mental health, Americans’ refusal to start and stick with a regular exercise program is only a few clicks short of insane. Excuses just don’t cut it here, folks. End of story. READ MORE →

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