binary options min deposit 50 go Bioidentical Hormones Judged Safe By Physicians, Celebrities

see url When Suzanne Somers hit her 40s, she had three years of frustrating, unexplained weight gain that no one seemed to understand. In a recent blog post, she explains that she faced the one-two punch at 40: the changing toxic planet took its toll along with her declining hormones.

source url Somers turned the tables with bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. Unlike dangerous synthetic hormones, bioidentical hormones are developed in the lab from yam or soy so they are, as their name suggests, as identical as possible the hormones your body naturally produces. “While standard hormone replacement treatment may actually cause you to gain weight, especially around your abdomen, using bioidenticals may actually help you lose weight,” Somers says. “Hormonal health is the key to losing weight; you can’t do it any other way.”

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