Buy Cialis 25 mg in Burbank California enter site Symptoms before meeting Ageology Physician:  Mood swings, exhausted, trouble thinking/remembering, anxiety, stressed, overweight, depressed Treatment/Plan of action:  At my first appointment with Dr. Savage, he was very honest and told me that for me to become healthy, it was not going to be a quick fix.  My condition had become severe from mis-diagnosis and mis-treatment.  To rebuild my body would take time.  He initially had me stop taking all prescribed bio-identical hormones prescribes by my previous dr.  He needed me to be off them for a few months in order to have a clean slate to slowly build my dosage to the exact amount right for me.  Also, I was dealing with complete adrenal fatigue so the “prescription” for that was de-stress, supplement, good diet, exercise and rest.   As of today, I have testosterone and estrogen pellets inserted every 4 months, I take progesterone in capsule form and take Armour for my thyroid. Sans:400,600 How do you feel now?  I feel amazing.  I can honestly say that at age 39 I feel better than I ever have.  Physically, I am in best shape of my life as far as overall wellness. Describe results and how long did it take?  For me, it was probably a year before I really saw a consistent improvement.  With me having to spend 3 months ridding my body of the over-dose of hormones prescribed to me, it set my time frame back a bit.  Then it was 4 years before we were able to stop increasing/adjusting my hormone dosage to the level that was absolutely perfect for me.  That may seem like a long time to some, but I can honestly say that it was worth every step, every appointment, every dollar.  Dr. Savage formulated a bio-identical hormone dosage right for me.  As far as the results themselves, I can think clearly, I’m not anxious, I’m excited about life, I sleep well, I wake up well, I’ve lost weight.

ioption opções binarias I had been having symptoms since age 29.  When I first approached my family doctor he told me I was “fine” and that I “wasn’t 19 anymore”.  So, I spend the next 5 years “trying”.  Trying to work harder, eat better, sleep more.  By 2006 I was fat, miserable and in need of a full hysterectomy.  Following surgery I went to a “specialist” in my area that spent 4 months adjusting my hormones and told me all my “levels were within normal range” and that was as good as I would feel.  I was still a mess.  I immediately decided that that was not good enough and I made an appointment to see Dr. Savage.  Imagine my relief (and that word does not do how I felt justice) when Dr. Savage let me know that he knew exactly what was wrong with me.  That he could help.  It would be a long road, but he could help.  Hope is what I needed.

trading online bancoposta Did you have any hesitations?  Absolutely not.  My problem stemmed from doctors mis-diagnosing me.  I was wanting help.  I absolutely believe in bio-identical hormone therapy, but could not find a doctor that had the knowledge and the willingness to be in it for the long haul.  Balancing hormones is a science.  A science few doctors take the time for.  Dr. Savage is truly a specialist in his field.  It isn’t about getting you in and out of his office.  It is about YOU.  Finding answers for his patients.  It’s about listening to your symptoms, not just the numbers.

watch What would you say to others considering hormone therapy?  Do it.  Do not settle for someone telling you that just because you’re getting older you should be sweaty, moody, have no sex drive, lose interest in life, etc.  Get your life back!  AND do your part.  Dr. Savage will tell you…..hormone therapy is only part of it.  You can’t replace your hormones and not exercise, not eat healty, not sleep and lead a stress-filled life and expect good results.  Hormone therapy isn’t about covering up for your bad choices. It isn’t a magic pill.  It is all about the package of low stress, exercise, diet, supplementation and hormone balance.  Lastly, there is so much mis-information out there about risks associated with bio-identical hormone therapy.  Pharmaceutical companies have a huge interest in making us believe in those risks.  Trust your own instincts.  Don’t be bullied into believing that replacing hormones that make your body function properly is wrong.

get link Any advice you would give?  Trust your instincts about your own body and your health.   If at age 29 I would have listened to that little voice that told me something wasn’t quite right, I wouldn’t have ended up in such bad shape.   I missed out on so much of my life, my family because I didn’t press on until I found someone who would listen.  Someone who would dig a little deeper.  So, I would tell people don’t take no for an answer.  Don’t settle.  Find someone who will treat you.  Luckily I am still married (although I am sure there were plenty of days that my husband wanted to run).  I’m healthy now and can enjoy my son’s last years in high school, but I lost a lot.  I honestly don’t know what I would have done if I wouldn’t have found Dr. Savage.  He gave me my life back.

S.M. Nappanee, IN

Age:  39
Nappanee, IN