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The Other Side of the Story – a Physician Response to More Magazine’s “The Hormone Hoax Thousands Fall For”

Ageology: Dr. Paul Savage. July 1, 2013. Photo by Andrew Collings.I am a board-certified physician who specializes in integrative metabolic medicine.  This means that I have made it my life’s work to help people overcome the health challenges that increasingly confront them as they age.  The goal? To support every patient in the quest for wellness and quality of life – however that is defined by the individual. READ MORE →

New Study Supports Transdermal Hormone Delivery in Bioidentical Hormone Therapy

happy-middle-aged-beautiful-woman1Bioidentical hormone therapy (BHT) is a big part of what we do at Ageology. If a patient is experiencing symptoms that have not been able to be cured with traditional medicine, we evaluate them to see whether a hormone imbalance exists. Then, we start low with bioidentical hormones, building slowly until we achieve symptom relief with ideal levels (which vary from person to person). We continue to meet with the patient over time, because their needs will change as their bodies change.


Report Finds that Americans Are Throwing Away Epic Quantities of Food

Natl. Retail FedI once had a patient who was very thrifty, and her thriftiness extended to a commitment to never, under any circumstances, if she could help it, throw food in the garbage. I recall her stories of her concocting delicious-smelling meals from old cottage cheese, soggy vegetables, and even meat that seemed beyond its prime. She’d proudly serve these dishes to her husband and child, who were used to this and tucked into the meals without batting an eyelash. READ MORE →

Dr. Paul’s Rules To Live By: Rule #1: Be Honest

Ageology: Dr. Paul Savage. July 1, 2013. Photo by Andrew Collings.Honesty is the first chapter in the book of wellness.

Every patient who walks through my door wants or needs something.  Sometimes they don’t know what it is and they need my help to figure it out.  Other times they know exactly what they want and look to me to help them achieve their goals.

Either way, the first step to success for every patient is the same:  Honesty — with themselves and with me. READ MORE →

Dr. Paul’s Rules to Live By (Intro)

Ageology: Dr. Paul Savage. July 1, 2013. Photo by Andrew Collings.I’m known for spending significant amounts of time with my patients at each and every one of their appointments. I don’t do this because it takes me a long time to conduct a physical exam, run a routine test or write a prescription.

What takes up most of the appointment time is simple, enjoyable conversation.

I talk with my patients about all kinds of things: work, marriage, passions, children, stress, hopes and fears. READ MORE →

Is Low Estrogen Making Men Fat?

belly-fat-man-100903-02A study published in the September 12 issue of New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) has caused quite a stir. Since the mainstream press got hold of this story, I’ve been flooded with questions from concerned men.

The gist of the study: low testosterone may not always be the reason behind standard male menopause (andropause) symptoms like fading libido, fat gain, muscle loss and low energy. READ MORE →

Ageology Patient Case Study – #2

Patient Case Study:

Giedre Trahan, Age 47, Denver, CO

I began seeing Dr. Savage in Chicago in my early 40s when my menstrual cycle started to change. I’m currently 47 years old and still his patient, even though I have since moved to Denver. I am a nutritionist who believes in a healthy and active lifestyle, so Dr. Savage’s lifelong journey to feel better and age well is in sync with my philosophy, which I strongly encourage my 10-year-old twins and eight-year-old son to follow as well.


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