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Can Testosterone Lengthen a Man’s Life? (Part Two)

click MyHealthNews-1Testosterone replacement therapy remains a hotly debated topic in the medical world. As an Ageology physician, I, along with the rest of the Ageology network, strongly believe that testosterone replacement therapy lengthens both a man’s lifespan (how long he lives) and healthspan (the period within lifespan where an he is healthy and thriving, not just surviving) when prescribed to treat a lack of this hormone. READ MORE →

Can Testosterone Lengthen a Man’s Life? (Part One) riwan-1A few months back I clicked on an article in the Washington Post because of its intriguing headline—“New study highlights the role of testosterone in longevity.” I was hoping to see further evidence in favor of the benefits of testosterone (T) replacement for men that have decreased levels of the hormone. Here’s what I read:

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follow Now, a study that analyzes the longevity of eunuchs, or castrated men, suggests that testosterone may play a part in shortening men’s lives. Needless to say, that was not what I was expecting. READ MORE →


Menopausal Women: Be Mindful of the Myriad Benefits of Yoga!

binary reaper indicator review seated twistPsychological symptoms – mood swings, frustration, anxiety and depression – can really throw a wrench in the works of a menopausal woman’s life. For years, women that were experiencing these severe symptoms were simply prescribed anti-depressants and anti-anxiety drugs to make the “crazy” go away. But, there’s good news! Ageology physicians believe that these drugs are no longer the only option for women looking to reduce the psychological symptoms of menopause.  READ MORE →
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