HormoneBalanceQuizGaining a pound or two adds up, just like losing one or more hormones add up!

source Women: Do you believe that you have to suffer with hot flashes, night sweats, loss of libido, insomnia and weight gain JUST BECAUSE YOU ARE “OF THAT AGE”?

source url Men: Do you believe you have to suffer loss of sex drive, poor energy, loss of focus, stress and become “JUST LIKE YOUR FATHER”, simply because you are getting older?

You may think these conditions are just a part of life’s everyday stress or getting older when in fact they could be symptoms of hormonal imbalance. The good news is that most of these issues can be alleviated or altogether eliminated by optimizing your hormones. Take the quiz below to see if your symptoms are classic indications of some typical hormone imbalances and find out if you’re a model candidate for bioidentical hormone therapy.

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Read the symptoms in each group below and note which ones you are experiencing. If you have go site two or more symptoms in any group, see the possible diagnosis and recommendations for that group.

Note: the more symptoms you check off in each group the more likely you are to have the hormonal imbalance represented by that group.  Bring this quiz to an Ageology physician or hormone therapy specialist to obtain his/her professional recommendations for the course of therapy that is right for you.

veztraded WOMEN

mujeres solteras whatsapp Symptom Group 1

– Night sweats


– Insomnia

– Tender breasts

– Unexplained weight gain

– Anxiety

These symptoms indicate a metformin espana Progesterone Deficiency, the most common hormone imbalance in women. To alleviate these symptoms consider a change in diet and discontinuing use of synthetic hormones (including birth control pills– consult your physician prior to discontinuing any medication). Progesterone cream may also help but a professional consultation with a physician is advised.

http://caboclonharaue.com/?kreosan=op%C3%A7%C3%B5es-bin%C3%A1rias-%C3%A9-um-bom-neg%C3%B3cio&dd3=9d Symptom Group 2

– Vaginal Dryness

– Night sweats

– Painful intercourse

– Memory problems

– Bladder infections

– Lack of energy

– Hot flashes/flushes

These symptoms are classic signs of an here Estrogen Deficiency, most common amongst menopausal women, especially those who are petite and/or slim. Again, these symptoms can be alleviated by some simple changes to your diet, however immediate term relief and long-term benefits come from natural estrogen therapy prescribed by your Ageology age management doctor.

go here Symptom Group 3

– Low libido

– Tearful, increased emotions

– Loss of muscle

– Insomnia

– Decreased “WOW” of orgasms

These symptoms are classic signs of a http://agencijapragma.com/?kiopoa=una-delle-migliori-e-affidabile-piattaforma-di-tranding-in-opzioni-binari&de3=55 Testosterone Deficiency, one of the earliest hormone deficiencies to be seen in women, and often the most commonly one missed. These symptoms can be alleviated by some simple changes to your diet (think increased protein and good fats, decreased sugars and starches), however long term relief and benefits come from natural testosterone therapy prescribed by your Ageology age management doctor.

hombre con un solo huevo Symptom Group 4

– Acne

– Excessive hair on the face and arms

– Thinning of hair on the head

– Ovarian cysts

– Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)

– Hypoglycemia and/or unstable blood sugar

– Infertility

– Mid-cycle pain

These symptoms are indications of Excess Androgens (male hormones) most often caused by too much sugar and simple carbohydrates in the diet.  This imbalance is typical in women who have polycystic ovary syndrome and can be alleviated by a doctor prescribed program to balance your hormones.

Symptom Group 5

– Debilitating fatigue

– Foggy thinking

– Thin and/or dry skin

– Brown spots on face

– Unstable blood sugar

– Low blood pressure

– Intolerance to exercise and stress

Two or more of the above symptoms indicate a Cortisol Deficiency caused by tired adrenals, a common result of chronic stress. Exercise, meditation techniques and professional hormone therapy can remedy these symptoms and reduce associated stress.


Symptom Group 1

– Weight loss

– Loss of muscle

– Lower stamina

– Lower sex drive

– Softer/fewer erections

– Fatigue

These symptoms indicate a Testosterone Deficiency that is most common in men over the age of fifty. Testosterone deficiencies can be remedied with special nutritional supplements, muscle-building exercise, and supplemental hormones including (natural) testosterone, progesterone, and DHEA.

Symptom Group 2

– Headaches

– Prostate enlargement

– Breast enlargement

– Irritability

– Weight gain

– Puffiness/bloating

All of the above are indications of Excess Estrogen. This hormonal imbalance can remedied by male hormone supplements along with changes in diet and lifestyle prescribed by your doctor.

Losing hormones as men and women age means increasing the chances of chronic disease and illness. Age management medicine can help prevent illness and increase the chances of vitality and longevity as we age. If you are interested in a more sophisticated hormone and wellness testing and metabolic analysis for your body’s well being, Ageology physicians are dedicated to offering modern day diagnostics that helps men and women take charge of their health and prevent disease versus treat disease.

Get started today with an Ageology physician.