recherche nom de fille arabe blog030513March is National Nutrition Month and Ageology’s Dr. Paul Savage reports:  It’s a fact, what you put in your body go to site today matters tomorrow.

entre 2 portes site de rencontre “A healthy diet with the right foods and supplements will help balance your hormones as well as decrease your risk of future heart disease, cancer, diabetes, osteoporosis and arthritis,” notes Dr. Savage, age management expert and Ageology CEO.

If your diet consists largely of high calorie, low nutrition foods such as sugars, breads and Starbucks some very slight fixes to your diet will immediately amp your energy and improve your moods. If you suffer from indigestion, gas, bloating, and constipation, eating right could be the cure-all. With an improved healthy diet you’ll boost your immunity, you’ll catch fewer colds, it will be easier to drop those excess pounds, and your skin will even clear up! Balancing your diet and eating wholesome nutritious foods will also help balance your hormones.  Here are 7 easy suggestions recommended by hormone therapy and nutrition expert Dr. Paul Savage to get you on the right track to keeping your blood sugar and hormones in balance.

  1. buy Seroquel Online Eat at least three meals per day, especially breakfast. Many of us with busy schedules, especially women, skip breakfast and sometimes even lunch and end up eating a ridiculously hearty dinner. This is terrible. Your metabolism needs that jump start in the morning that a good breakfast provides to get it humming. Keep dinner nice and light. If you’re a dessert lover try to “do” desserts, when you must, at only lunch.
  2. see click here Cut out or cut down on refined sugar.  If you can, completely eliminate refined carbohydrates, such as sugar, white rice, bread, alcohol, and foods made with white flour, like muffins, bagels, pasta, pretzels. This will help your body burn stored fat and keep your insulin and blood sugar levels normal. If a complete elimination of refined sugars is out of the question cut your intake to half of what you normally eat. You’ll see how good you feel and be motivated to go all the way!
  3. Consume whole grains in moderation. Yes, even whole grains can be bad for you. Eat them, but please, only in moderation.
  4. ... opzioni binarie è una truffa Binary opzion 1 100 binario legale negoziazione di opzioni in noi Opzioni binarie soldi Trading operazioni binarie Eat fresh fruits and vegetables daily. Ideally five ½ cup servings per day. The more colorful the better — the most colorful foods contain the most powerful antioxidants. Think broccoli, green leafy vegetables, berries of all sorts, red, yellow and green peppers, and tomatoes.
  5. see url Eat only healthy fats. Essential fatty acids (EFA’s) specifically omega–3 and omega–6 fats are key to good health and happy hormones. If you can, get your EFA’s from eggs, flax seed, soybeans, nuts, and wild cold water fish. If not, supplements are widely available.
  6. binäre optionen strategie für anfänger Load up on the antioxidants. Antioxidants combat heart disease, cataracts, macular degeneration, and cancer and they can be found in fresh fruits and vegetables, especially the brightly colored ones. Try to get your antioxidants from whole foods and use prescription quality supplements (available from an Ageology age management physician)

Your Ageology doctor can help you get your nutritional house in order and get your hormones balanced. Call 312/255-9763 or visit  to reach an Ageology physician today.