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click here Giedre Trahan, Age 47, Denver, CO

follow site I began seeing Dr. Savage in Chicago in my early 40s when my menstrual cycle started to change. I’m currently 47 years old and still his patient, even though I have since moved to Denver. I am a nutritionist who believes in a healthy and active lifestyle, so Dr. Savage’s lifelong journey to feel better and age well is in sync with my philosophy, which I strongly encourage my 10-year-old twins and eight-year-old son to follow as well. Unlike some Ageology patients, my overall health was pretty good. I wasn’t chronically sick, but for as long as I could remember, I suffered from horrible menstrual cramps. Other doctors relayed that my only option was to suppress the symptoms with prescription pain medicine. By the time I was 40 years old, I was swallowing nearly 10 pain pills per month, which was entirely too much for me. When possible, I prefer not to be on any type of medication. Without receiving any alternatives from my current doctors, I conducted my own research that led me to bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. For the most part, the pain didn’t affect my day-to-day activities, but I needed a better solution than my then “treatment” plan. I did my homework on bioidentical hormone replacement therapy before my first appointment with Dr. Savage, but he really opened my eyes to see what it involves, and he thoroughly explained how it will affect my body and how it will help me feel better as I age. My test results showed that my hormone levels were extremely low, which also shed light on why I wasn’t able to get pregnant (my three children are adopted). I never knew that imbalanced hormones affected my ability to sustain a pregnancy. Dr. Savage devised a treatment plan customized for my body and within 3-4 months my menstrual pain reduced tremendously and I completely stopped taking the prescription medications.

go Although I initially saw Dr. Savage for only one issue, he’s helped enhance other areas of my health and well being. He assessed my diet and exercise regime and after hearing how certain foods, especially sugar, affect my body, I opted for a more plant-based diet and I can’t believe how incredible I feel from just this simple change. He’s empowered me to decide to that my kids needed to follow my same diet and exercise regime. It took awhile for them to adjust, but now my twin girls rattle off information about toxins when their friends open a bag of Cheetos at school!

enter Even though I’ve relocated to Denver, I’ve continued my relationship with Dr. Savage for all these years because his methodology truly works. It’s crucial to stay on this journey with him because annual testing is the best way to monitor whether he needs to alter my treatment as my body changes with age. He’s one of the only doctors I’ve encountered that can break down analytical and medical jargon in a way I can easily understand and relate it to my everyday life. Sure, I initially was skeptical about bioidentical hormone treatment given all the controversies in the news, but he was patient with me and really conveyed the reasons on why this treatment is right for me. Once we found the right hormone balance, I never looked back! He’s constantly up-to-speed on cutting-edge treatments, which is really important to me. For instance, I recently saw news coverage about a certain ovarian cancer test that every woman should take, and it’s the same test that Dr. Savage told me about 10 years ago! Thanks to him, I feel better today than I did in my 30s and I continue to see him so I can keep it that way.