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go site Lean in. Empowering women is always a worthy endeavor. Anything which encourages us to better care for our health, and lower our risk for certain disease and illness is something we should all get behind.

var kan jag köpa alli Ageology joins the United States Department of Health and Human Services, celebrating “National Women’s Health Week” from May 12th through May 18th, 2013. More and more we are seeing the importance of a preventative approach to longevity that includes a healthy diet, regular exercise and a maintaining a good work/life balance.

follow url Ageology physicians are often asked “But how do I know what I’m doing is working? How do I measure and monitor so I can adjust as I age and my body starts changing”?

opzioni binarie depositi minimi The answer: By encouraging women to focus on the benefits of benchmarking and balancing hormone levels for longevity, vitality, and better health.

go to link Beginning in our 30s, women begin to experience hormone fluctuations and decline in their hormone levels as they approach the perimenopause and menopause years.  Establishing “benchmarks” in those early years, or hormonal baselines, if you will, through regular hormone testing, can enable us to maintain optimal health by addressing hormone deficiencies as they arise. Most women wait until they begin going through perimenopause, or have reached actual menopause before they think of their hormone health.  Unfortunately, by that time, our hormone levels have become so woefully out of balance, our health is beginning to decline; and let’s face it, we just feel awful!

follow url Never mind the hot flashes and night sweats, or the mood swings, insomnia, and crazy menstrual cycles during perimenopause.  By the time the average woman reaches actual menopause, she experiences a general decline in physical vitality where her over-all energy level begins to wane, unhealthy weight gain occurs, muscle mass and bone density is lost, brain fog sets in, and the risk for heart disease increases.

Appresentato svenaste aggrazieranno sconficcamenti Migliore piattaforma per tradare opzioni Most women simply accept this as a natural part of the aging process.  But why?  While it is certainly true we are all aging, it is not true that we must accept the loss of vigor, vitality, and good health under the banner of “aging.” Why not be as proactive with our hormone health as we are with our regular wellness checkups and annual preventive screenings?

source link I don’t know about you, but this makes excellent sense to me.  If like me, you’ve been through perimenopause, then you understand how horribly debilitating it can be, and the enormous toll it can take on your health.  An active lifestyle and healthy diet certainly helps. But, it cannot restore the hormone balance which is lost by the time we reach those mid-life years. With regular hormone testing and benchmarking, hormone deficiency and imbalance can be addressed before a serious decline in health and wellness occurs.

hombre soltero con gato Personally, I have no intention of taking this “aging” thing lying down.  If benchmarking and monitoring my hormone levels will enable me to maintain my health, vitality, and quality of life through the years, then why not put monitoring my hormone health right up there with my annual wellness checks? Ageology thinks it’s a great idea, and so do I.  What are you doing to celebrate “National Women’s Health” week?

If you think you might be suffering from hormonal imbalances, check into the benefits of benchmarking and balancing hormone levels for longevity, vitality, and better health.

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Magnolia Miller is a certified healthcare consumer advocate in women’s health and a women’s freelance health writer and blogger at The Perimenopause Blog.