Ageology, Hormones and Diabetes 9 Ways to Prevent and Cure

Today marks the 25th American Diabetes Association Alert Day, it’s a wake up call for Americans to access their diabetes risk.

In his book The Blood Sugar Solution, Dr. Mark Hyman outlines 9 Steps for Preventing and Reversing Diabesity. They are (paraphrased herein): 1. Get the right tests. Most doctors focus on fasting blood sugar. This is actually a poor indicator of diabesity. The best test to tease out the condition is an insulin response test. Demand this test from your doctor.

2. Get smart about nutrition. The basics of nutrition are simple. Eliminate sugar and processed carbohydrates, include whole real foods like lean protein (chicken or fish), veggies, nuts, seeds, beans, and whole grains.

source 3. Get the right supplements. Supplements are an essential part of treating diabesity. A good multivitamin, vitamin D, fish oil, and special blood sugar balancing nutrients like alpha lipoic acid, chromium polynicotinate, biotin, cinnamon, green tea catechins, and glucomannan should also be included.

rencontre jeux video 4. Get relaxed. Stress is a huge contributor to insulin resistance and blood sugar imbalance. Make sure to push your stop button every day and relax with deep breathing, visualization, yoga, and other relaxation techniques.

get link 5. Get moving. Aside from changing your diet, exercise is probably the single best medication for diabesity. Walk at least 30 minutes every day. For some, 30-60 minutes of more vigorous aerobic exercise 4-6 times a week may be necessary. 6. Get clean and green. Environmental toxins like mercury also contribute to diabesity so make sure to filter your water, use green cleaning products, and avoid plastics.

enter site 7. Get personal. While the steps above will address 80 percent of the problems with diabesity, some may need to take additional steps to optimize key areas of their biology. Remember, the medicine of the future is personal medicine. Seek out your own biological imbalances and look for ways to address them.

source url 8. Get connected. Research shows that we can get better more effectively when we work together. Invite your friends, families, and neighbors to change their diets and lifestyle along with you.

go to site 9. Get your hormones in balance. Regulate your hormones, all of them. Balancing your sex hormones, your adrenal/stress hormones, and thyroid hormones is essential if you want to prevent diabesity or reverse the effects of diabetes.

Your Ageology doctor specializes in bioidentical hormone therapy and can assist you making other lifestyle-based changes to help you avoid diabetes and diabesity. Celebrate American Diabetes Alert Day by making an appointment today and getting on the road away from Diabesity.