click Edited Nutrition_157143736 ageology_for_menOn average, men’s weight is increasing every year at epidemic proportions in the United States. It’s not breaking news that proper nutrition and exercise are vital parts of healthy living. A poor diet, lack of exercise and hormone imbalances all contribute to cardiovascular diseases, fatigue and depression, to name a few.

follow url What men may not realize is that as they age, proper nutrition is critical for healthy aging and hormone function. Dietary deficiencies can compromise hormone production, impacting sleep, sex drive, hair loss and weight gain. Ageology physicians will tell you that the best diet for men is not a diet at all. It’s a lifestyle of constantly making informed decisions every time you eat. This includes learning to avoid toxic foods and finding sources of inflammation hidden in foods. This can be tricky, because product labels don’t always clearly call out this information. For instance, sugar is found in more than 45,000 well-known products, but is often hidden on labels with names, such as “high concentrated fructose corn syrup.” Ageology physicians can help expose men to the common misconceptions of healthy eating, teach you how to choose the right foods for your body and provide tips that will help simplify these decisions.

get link Through the most innovative and scientific methods available, Ageology doctors can test your body’s internal store of nutrients and design a customized nutrition and exercise program that will fit into your everyday life. Each man’s physical makeup is different, so our physicians can help you choose the best form of exercise for your body, whether it’s cardiovascular workouts, weight training, swimming, yoga, Pilates, or a combination of these exercises. Overtime, our physicians continue to work with our patients to alter their diets and fitness routines as they age, a key component of staying healthy and achieving optimal health.

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