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beck and jade dating in real life ageology_for_menFitness and exercise are critical to whole body wellness, and it becomes even more important as men age. We seem to hear more everyday about the links between physical activity and mental wellness. We know that exercise supports weight loss and maintenance, gives us energy, and makes us feel vital.

go to link Still, for most men, finding the time and the energy for a regular exercise routine feels like a goal that’s nearly impossible to achieve – a New Year’s resolution that falls off the agenda around the third week of January. We know we should exercise, we just don’t. Add to that work/life stress, natural hormone imbalances, and the many other responsibilities that need to be juggled on a daily basis, and the average male feels his control over the quality of his life slipping away.

follow site But there is hope! Research shows that burning off 350 calories only three times a week through sustained, sweat-inducing activity, reduces symptoms of depression as effectively as antidepressants. This might seem like a daunting task but consider these activities:

  • Take the stairs instead of escalators
  • Stand during conference calls
  • Jog in place during television commercials
  • Walk around the block (or the building) once each morning, after lunch and before dinner.
  • Join a softball or basketball league at work, or become a coach for your child’s team. Sometimes the trick isn’t a dedicated exercise time, but increasing body movement overall throughout the day. The goal is to start moving, and that doesn’t have to mean shutting yourself in your dark, dank basement and forcing yourself to run for an hour on an ancient treadmill. It means finding ways to make your body more active over time and sustaining that activity. It can be intimidating to develop – and then stick to – a dedicated exercise regimen. Instead, find ways to increase overall mobility. This will give you more energy and motivation to ease into a lifestyle change that involves being more active, and as a result, healthier.àhere For more information on how you can get well, feel well and age well, contact an Ageology physician near you today.

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