Ageology for Men

Ageology is founded on the principles of integrative metabolic medicine (IMM).  IMM combines the practices and methods of integrative medicine with traditional medicine, and helps patients treat their illnesses, regain their health and then achieve optimal wellness, despite the changes that occur as they age.


For both men and women, an Ageology physician will apply an individualized, yet comprehensive, body, mind, and spirit approach to both evaluating your current health and developing a medical treatment plan that enables you to reach your own personal wellness goals.




Vitamins and Integrative Metabolic Medicine

Vitamins and the use of supplements are incredibly prevalent among adults. According to the National Institute of Health, nearly half of American adults use supplements regularly, and vitamins and supplements frequently do serve a benefit.

Ageology physicians support the use of vitamins and supplements as part of a whole person health plan, and have extensive experience in the indications and interactions that vitamins may have with medications, and vice versa.  Further, the Ageology physician asks not only “what are you taking?” but “why?” and as treatment progresses he looks at what a patient should stop taking and when the patient should stop taking it.


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Nutrition and Integrative Metabolic Medicine
The battle of good nutrition vs. time is one that millions of people fight every day. They would like to eat healthier, but they just don’t have the time.   Even more challenging is the fact that most food cooked outside the home is loaded with hidden calories (portion sizes are a major challenge), sugar (an addiction of epidemic proportions that nobody is taking about) and refined grains (a major contributor to the belly fat we find so offensive but tend to gain a little more of with each passing year).


Fitness and Integrative Metabolic Medicine
Another part of the equation is exercise.  Everybody knows that they should be moving, and for amultitude of reasons.  Exercise:

  • Releases endorphins that make people feel good
  • Physically tires the body, making it easier for people to fall asleep and have a good sleep experience
  • Prevents and/or reduces obesity
  • Helps improve cognitive function

The list of benefits related to regular, moderate exercise could fill this website, and most people are familiar with some (if not all) of them.  Still, the simple fact is that the majority of adults do not get enough exercise. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently reported that 80 percent of American adults do not meet the recommended amounts of exercise. By taking a holistic treatment approach, exercise can be incorporated into a patient’s plan when they are ready to take it on, and in a manner that best suits both their needs and abilities.


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Hormones and Integrative Metabolic Medicine
Similarly, hormone balance is critical. However, hormone imbalance is highly prevalent among both men and women, but most people are not even aware when they a suffering from it. Ageology physicians know that hormone imbalance can contribute to a vast array of symptoms that traditional medicine says are indicative of “normal signs of aging.”  They aren’t normal, and they can be fixed.


Mind/Body and Integrative Metabolic Medicine
The state of the mind and body are inextricably linked with our state of physical health.  We know this, and yet most medical doctors do not explore the link between symptoms and the spiritual and mental well-being of their patients. Nor do they seriously offer strategies for patients to manage the impacts of challenges such as prolonged stress, depression and anxiety beyond prescribing medication.  IMM physicians can and do prescribe, and help patients manage medication, but they also work with patients one-to-one, using non-traditional approaches to managing mind/body health, and helping to restore the critical balance between physical and mental self.

These are just some of the many reasons why the five pillars, plus medication management approach is so successful.


So welcome to the world of integrative metabolic medicine (IMM)! We are pleased to demonstrate the power of our approach, and encourage you to use the resources on this site to learn more about what we do and how we do it.  It is our sincere hope that once you become familiar with us and more comfortable with our unique approach, you will reach out to an Ageology network physician, who can help guide you down your own optimal wellness path.  Wherever you are in regard to your personal wellness goals, we can help you get well, feel well, and age well.