source Symptoms before meeting Dr. Savage: Inability to lose weight despite eating well and exercising, waking up from sleep every few hours, never getting a full night’s sleep and always feeling exhausted and sleepy.  I was depressed because I felt like no matter what I did, it made no impact on my health.  I looked like a couch potato yet I worked out and could have run a marathon.  I was very disheartened.

enter site Treatment/Plan of action:
Taking a progesterone cream
Taking thyroid medication
Going on the HCG diet

follow url binäre optionen wann handeln How do you feel now? I feel great!   I feel that my body is in balance now and that my positive actions to live a healthy lifestyle make a difference. Describe results and how long did it take? I have lost a total of 60 pounds (so far).  I took a break and now and am focussed on losing the last 30 pounds.  I sleep consistently throughout the night without waking up a million times. I wake up more easily (though I’m still not a morning person).  And I feel much more positive and in control of my life, my health, and my body. Did you have any hesitations? Yes!!  I wasn’t going to go.  A good friend recommended I go after telling her how helpless I felt about my weight.  I didn’t think Dr. Savage would be able to help me because I didn’t think I had a “hormone” problem.  I figured he would say everything the other doctors said…that I was basically “fine” and my hormones were “pretty much” in range.  That I should just eat less and exercise more.  No one believed me.

see It took a year to loose the weight (which was exactly what Dr. Savage estimated).  Though, within 2 months I started feeling better and seeing results.  I believe that it would have happened faster if I had believed Dr. Savage and followed his plan better.  I didn’t take it seriously at first because I didn’t believe it would work. When I started seeing results… I got more focused. What would you say to others considering hormone therapy? In my first appointment with Dr. Savage, I cried when he told me he could help me.  I would tell people that they should open their minds and their health to it.  Give it a chance.  We have such a limited understanding of how our hormones impact every aspect of our health, that it is definitely worth looking into.  My appointments with Dr. Savage are so different from any other doctor’s appointment I’ve ever had. He spends time with me and I feel he cares.  We discuss all aspects of my life and my health.  He gives me input on not only my health but my life, my lifestyle, and anything that would impact my wellness.  

binäre optionen roulette Any advice you would give? I would recommend investigating hormone therapy for any health issue that is being treated for the symptoms only.   
Also, follow the protocol diligently.  It will provide greater and quicker results.  


Hometown: Chicago
Initials: RZ
Male/Female:  Female