Ageology_Adrenal_Fatigue_0Ageology physicians agree: Healthy hormones are a common denominator for the healthiest people, as resported by Dr. Oz on The Today Show. Dr. Oz attracted 1.2 million people to sign up for his Transformation Nation Challenge collectively losing over 3 million pounds. Oz appeared on The Today Show and shared what the top ten finalists have in common. 1. Eat Breakfast – setting hormones in right direction by eating breakfast everyday is the way to start the day healthy 2. Exercise – People who stay vigorous all their life are healthiest

rencontres tinder 3. Sex Life – The healthiest people are having sex regularly and report having a happy with sex life (just not enough of it) 4. “Me  Time” – make time for yourself because you are worth it! The healthier people  in transformation nation challenge made “me time”

get link 5. Stress Management – When you have stress, your brain turns on chemicals, hormones turn on the adrenal glands and surge to cause belly fat

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follow link follow site What’s missing from Dr. Oz’s List? Replace the healthy hormones as the body ages! Ageology CEO Dr. Paul Savage adds his comments to the findings of Dr. Oz’s Transformation Nation

see url “Without doubt, eating well, exercising daily, frequent enjoyable sexual encounters and taking time out from stress (whether perceived or physical in nature) boosts healthy levels of hormones!  However, what is obviously missing in this list by Dr. Oz is the need to replace these healthy hormones in most individuals as the body ages and the body is no longer capable of producing enough of these hormones to maintain vitality and health.  The literature is clear:  Hormones are essential to vitality. Natural hormones are safe and effective and need to be replaced when they fall!”

If you are suffering from stress caused by adrenal fatigue or other hormone imbalanes, contact an Ageology physician today! Hormones can help.