get link 11179840_mHow are all those 2013 New Year’s resolutions coming along for you? Ageology’s hormone therapy physicians offer these eight ways to help your hormones and your health.

see url 1.)Sleep. Get at least eight hours of sleep every night. It’s easiest if you stick to a routine. Get to bed just a little earlier during the week and don’t sleep late on the weekends. Reward yourself for a hard week’s work by trying to sleeping just one hour later, then take a 20-minute nap in the afternoon if you feel like you need to. here 2.)Move. Studies show that a mixed workout (part cardio/part weight training) is BEST! Mixed workouts do not increase cortisol and endotoxins NEARLY as much as cardio alone."https:/ 3.)Eat well. Specifically, eat more fruits and vegetables andfewer sugar-laden, processed foods.Sugar hurts! As soon as you return from the grocery, try chopping your favorite vegetables, then storing them in plastic bags front and center in your refrigerator. When you open the frig, you will see the healthy snacks you love instead of those that will add unwanted pounds.

get link 3.)Eat more often. Eat more meals more often over the course of the day. Don’t wait until you’re famished to eat. Eating five, small meals a day will boost your metabolism and can help keep your hormones in check. 4.)Control. Negative feelings can undermine your ability to perform your best. When stress overrides and your temper becomes short, actively step away from the situation. Separating yourself for a moment will allow you to reduce your stress level, regain your positive attitude and tackle the problem at hand in a more productive Remember to LAUGH! HAPPY THOUGHTS are HORMONE HEALTHY! 5.)Incorporate. Try exercises that can help balance your hormones, such asyoga. Do a full yoga workout several times a week if you can. If not, do at least one or two poses throughout the day. Even this will to help realign your mind, body and spirit.

enter 6.)Breathe. Always, always breathe. Deep breathing helps when you are overwhelmed, exhausted, annoyed, tense or stressed. A few focused deep breaths will calm your world. 7.)Supplement. No matter how well you eat, food alone will not always fill all of your nutritional needs. Prescription-grade, doctor-prescribed supplements will ensure you get the best quality supplements your body needs.

see url 8.)Balance. Balance your meals, your work and play time, your rest and exercise, yourme time and everything else time, including your hormones. Sleep, regular exercise, nutrition, and supplements are all ways you can your age management doctor’s efforts tobalance your hormones, your health and your life in general.

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